I have the best of luck

I try to restore my Asus computer so I can install Paint Tool Sai

and it decides to like… freeze


It’s stuck on a black and white screen, and no key I press works

So I basically bought a tablet, so i can use it as a laptop mouse -__-

Progress so far?

12:31 AM

I’ve done half or less of my calculus review

And I have  4 Tumblr tabs open, all related to legend of Korra

Sounds about rights

Just because it’s Saturday

  • I want vacations
  • I want it to be December 20-23rd already
  • I got a haircut and I regret it, but at the same time I don’t.
  • I make stupid decisions when I’m frustrated (Reason for prior bullet)
  • I want to watch musicals and Disney movies… but I can’t yet
  • My car’s radio is messed up, my phone is messed up, my laptop is messed up…
  • I’m messed up
  • I hate my lamp so much I want to pee on it and set it ablaze… so it can eventually melt …  (Design project -__-)
  • I hate ranting because it makes me feel like a pussy whiny cry-baby, but I like ranting because I don’t do it often
  • I want a butt-load of money to pay off everything I owe
  • I’m going nowhere. I’m MEDIOCRE at everything
  • Did I mention I hate my lamp?
  • I’ve completely wasted 3 of my 4-days vacation
  • poot
  • I’m done for now
  • bye